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Top 10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Computer Viruses

For this post i want to talk about the ways to protect yourself from computer viruses. As more and more people are becoming comfortable using their computers at school, home or in the office it’s only a matter of time before they encounter a computer virus. Here are our top 10 steps to protect you from computer viruses.

Use a high quality anti-virus program. There are many different anti-virus computers programs on the market some of them are better than others. Look to reputable computer magazines or websites for ratings to help you find the one that matches your needs.

Always use your anti-virus software. Make sure your anti-virus software is always turned on and scanning, incoming and outgoing email messages, and any software programs you run.

Keep your antivirus programs up to date. Most programs come with a yearly subscription make sure you take advantage of the updates. More advanced programs allow you to schedule updates or full system scans for “off hours” like 2AM when you aren’t likely to be using your computer.

Keep your computer up to date. From time to time operating systems fall victim to security holes or issue updates. Make sure you check periodically to make sure you are running stable up to date versions of your software.

Backup your data regularly. Most windows computer users keep their documents in the “My documents” folder. This makes it easy to back up all of your important documents. Make weekly or monthly copies to CD or USB drives.

If you use floppy disks or USB drives on public computers like your school computer lab, Kinko’s, or even digital photo printing store make sure you scan them for viruses. Public computers are notorious for not being up to date and properly protected.

Be wary of email attachments. Treat any email attachment as potentially dangerous. Never open attachments from people you weren’t expecting. Also be careful of attachments from people you know but weren’t expecting. Many computer viruses replicate themselves by reading the contacts from an infected computer.

Use text email if possible. While HTML email is prettier and allows you more control over formatting it also can carry computer viruses. If you use text based email the only way to get a virus is by opening an attachment.

Use downloaded freeware and shareware files or software with caution. Try to download them from popular reputable sources that scan the programs before they are uploaded. To make sure you are safe scan the program before you install it on your computer.

Be wary of links in IM or instant messaging software. Don’t accept invitations from people you don’t know and never click a link from someone you don’t trust, they can easily redirect you to another website that will try to install a virus on your computer system.

Working at Home – It’s Just Easier That Way

By Bill Schnarr

We’ve all been stretched to our limits at one time or another, whether our jobs take us to the factory, the office, and even those who work at home. Today’s working parents are under more pressure than ever to work longer, earn more money, and provide a stable environment for their children. At the same time, those same activities that are supposed to be enjoyable – spending time with family, taking the kids to soccer practice, and remembering to phone Aunt Martha on her birthday can easily become part of a hectic, stressful work week that leaves you exhausted and desperate for a break.

With all the stress and hassle of today’s modern life, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative sources to generate income and ease the burden of day to day living. For many of those people, working at home on their computers for a few hours a week has become that stress relieving second income. And these people are beginning to see that a home based business can be an alternative to a soul-sucking job that leaves you exhausted and praying for the weekend.

There are a lot of good reasons why you should consider a home based business if you are searching for a way to improve the quality of your life. For example, working at home provides you with the ability to schedule your work around the important things that come up in everyday life, as opposed to waiting for a day off to take the kids to the dentist or missing a birthday dinner because you were stuck in traffic.

In fact, missing anything because of traffic would be a thing of the past, unless you count the line ups at the supermarket or the Doctor’s office. And here’s a little tip: there are no line ups at the supermarket when everyone is at work. It would just be you and a couple little old ladies in a foot race for the two bored cashiers waiting to serve you. Take my advice – a good hip check goes a long way to eliminating the competition, if you catch my drift.

But there are some really important things to consider if you are going to look for a way to work at home and make money on a home based business. For one thing, something like an internet based business can lead to all kinds of goodies. Things like residual incomes and streaming money. Royalties! Yes, your home based internet business will make money for you even while you’re sleeping in or spending the weekend on a romantic getaway with your significant other. Does your job at the toothpaste factory pay you to sleep? (Don’t answer that!)

Working at home on computer can afford you other luxuries as well. You may not have realized this, but an internet based business can be accessed and maintained from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a reliable internet connection and access to your email accounts. That means that you can spend an hour or two on your computer in the morning taking care of loose ends while your family prepares for a day at the beach…in Mexico!

You can work from your time share condo in Florida, your parent’s house in Wisconsin, or even that little two bedroom tree house in the Amazon Rain Forest you’ve always dreamed about…providing you can convince the local monkeys to provide you with some form of internet service.

The opportunity for additional income and freedom from the grind of daily living is sitting in your living room. Working at home is a trend being picked up by men and women every day; professionals, college students, and retirees are all working from home on computers and making money to improve their lives.

If your still considering it, no worries. Hopefully this article will give you something to think about next time your stuck in traffic, sucking on petrol fumes and wishing that monkeys were serving you Pina Colada’s in your little grass hut out in the middle of nowhere.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Rich is Possible! Tips for Saving and Earning

By Daegan Smith

Because everyone wants to be rich, and they will go through all kinds of trouble just to know the secret to lifelong wealth and security.

Although many people search all their lives for a way to be rich, not everyone who does so succeeds? This is because these people only WANT to be rich; they try to find a way to have money pour into their lives without any sense of discipline and commitment.

But you know what, it really is possible to earn wealth no matter who you are – whether you are a pauper or an employee that holds down a 9 to 5. And ironically enough, it also is possible to be poor even if you hold down a mighty paying executive job. So how does acquiring wealth work? Listen to a few pointers on how to make yourself financially secure.

Spend Less Than You Earn – This, above all things, is the golden rule of earning wealth. It doesn’t matter if you earn $10,000 a month if you spend $9000 of it in the same period. Now, imagine someone making $3000 but spends $1500 per month. Who among the two is able to save more? Practically speaking, it is the person earning $3000 who saves and technically “earns” more. That is what it means to spend less than you earn.

Unfortunately, living within your means is not easy. Whenever you see green in your hand, the first impulse is to find something to buy with it. This is what is called the one-day-millionaire syndrome. If you truly want to increase your savings you are going to have to quell this impulse and buckle down to business. Discipline yourself so that you do not spend beyond your means.

Beware of the Small Stuff – It is these little don’t-worry-they-don’t-cost-much stuff that can seriously drain your earnings. They may be small but without noticing it, your expenses for these things could add up significantly. Most of the people who were able to save up to put up a business did so by denying themselves luxuries until they had enough to put up a business. A little discipline goes a long way.

Save – If you haven’t set up a savings account, do so now. Don’t laugh at that story about those ants that saved up for a rainy day – they are a lot smarter than most people. Some people assume that they will be making money for the rest of their lives and neglect to put up modest savings. When the time comes that they need money for, let’s say, a car investment or housing finance, they are left with nothing.

Invest – The richest individuals in the world all have something in common. They own stocks. Although the stock market can be a virtual gamble in many ways, it is also a good way to have your savings earn while you are away. The problem with this tip is that the stock market may be a little difficult to learn. Many people lose money on the stock market too.

The stock market can yield much, if only those who invest here had the right mindset. Unfortunately, most people think that they can invest here and get rich overnight. Although this has been the case in many overnight-millionaire stories, long-term wealth is possible only with patience. Get a trustworthy broker and set up a moderate investment portfolio that has a good portion of your investments in low-risk stocks and bonds.

Also, many of today’s investment geniuses recommend that you invest in stocks that have a good and steady record of increasing in value. Don’t go for the lotto-jackpot approach. Sure and steady is the way to go.

Commit Yourself to a Realistic Financial Goal – It is also possible to go for a fantastic financial goal such as to own a yacht one day or something along those lines. But the trick to doing so is to try to work towards this “impossible” goal one realistic step at a time. A great deal of commitment and gut is required to pull this off, but with hard work and perseverance, you could find yourself staring a pile of gold for the rest of your life.

Daegan Smith the owner of Net MLM Articles and the leader of the fastest growing team of successful home business enterpernuers on the net. Find out how we’re creating financial freedom all across the globe and how to get in on the action FREE => http://www.comlev.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daegan_Smith

Achieving Your Financial Goals: A Secret to Success

By L. John Mason

Part I: Do you have a goal to your financial success? Do you have a plan for reaching this goal? If you are like most people, you desire financial security and higher levels of financial success. The dream of financial freedom and a demonstration of business acumen are quite common as a precursor to reaching your ultimate vision, but how do you actually reach your objective? It all starts with a well conceived goal.

Have you ever worked on a major project like building a house, writing a book, creating a successful business venture, taking a extended trip, developing a larger community project or fund raiser, or created a large event (like a wedding, rock concert, class re-union, etc.)? Any of these projects can not reach success without a solid plan.

A “Dream” of wealth or financial success is different than a well thought through plan. Planning starts with goal setting. It requires that you spend the time necessary to gather information, outline the necessary steps to achieve the project, develop a workable timeline, acquire the resources, and take the steps to move down the path to your goal.

These are simple concepts. Why do so many people have dreams that are never fulfilled? What steps must you take to achieve your dreams? You can not plan without a viable goal. You can not succeed on a large, important goal without sustained action. You can not achieve success without commitment and focus. If you are not “driven,” can you accomplish your larger goals? Can learned attitudes or beliefs sabotage your success?

Ways to Make Money

By Debra Thorsen

What are the best ways to make money?

If you answered, “a job”, then you have been brainwashed like most Americans into believe that working for a company is the best way to make money. It is absolutely NOT one of the best ways to make money. Why not?

Most jobs have the following problems:

1. The time trap. You are trading your time for money. Even if you are a salaried employee, you are accepting a salary for a set number of hours that you will work each week. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Most companies want you to work the most amount of time for the least money and you want to work the least amount of time for the most money. The job game is a lose-lose game.

2. No passive income. If you stop working for any period of time, you stop receiving paychecks. Your money doesn’t work for you.

3. No intellectual capital. If you are an employee, your company owns your intellectual capital. It’s like your company owns your brain. You cannot sell or share your ideas and earn money.

4. No control. You have no control over your work life and therefore your life. You cannot choose where you work, when you work, or who you work with. Most companies require a lot of “face time”. Even if you could get your work done in 4 hours each day, you usually need to spend 8-10 hours onsite to prove that you are a “loyal employee”. You have no control over most of the decisions that are being made at your company. Bad decisions made by others could put your company out of business and then you get “downsized” or “rightsized” or simply laid-off.

5. No leverage. Entertainers and professional athletes make lots and lots of money because they have leverage. Millions of people watch them. They can make one movie or play one game a week and make buckets of money because they are reaching a huge audience with a few hours of their time. In a job, your efforts reach a limited audience. You cannot give a speech to your department and record it and then turn it into a teleclass that you sell over and over again on your website. You have no leverage.

So, what are some better ways to make money without going to a job?

1. Start a business. Yes, lots of businesses fail. But small businesses are the engine of growth in this country. It took Bill Gates 10 years to become a billionaire with Microsoft. It took Michael Dell 5 years to become a billionaire with Dell. What you need is a solid plan and then the courage to execute the plan and the discipline to market your products or services consistently. There has never been a better time to get rich by starting a company. What are your goals? When do you want to achieve those goals?

If you want to start a business quickly and don’t have the necessary business fundamentals or want a pre-designed, proven system, then look into joining a network marketing company. If you can find a product you love, a company with a proven marketing system and a management with integrity, you can develop a great passive income stream.

Do your own research and see if it makes sense for you to start your company from ground zero or join a network marketing company. There are lots of good network marketing companies to choose from. (There are also lots that aren’t such good bets.)

Thirteen More Ways to Save $100 a Month

By Denise Trowbridge

To save $100 a month, you need to spend $3.25 a day less than you do now. Does that sound so terrible?

With a little bit of ingenuity, you can pull it off without having to live like a recluse hermit. And, once you are in the groove, you can use that $100 a month — $1200 a year — to fund your exotic vacation habit, pay off those student loans, start a business or sock away for your early retirement. Here are a few more tips to get you on track for your savings goals.

1. Go vegetarian. If you can cut meat out of just three meals a week, you can shave between $15 and $25 off your grocery bill. If you do that for an entire month, you’ve already saved yourself $60 to $100.

2. Never buy new. eBay, Half.com, and the Amazon marketplace are your friends. If you just have to have it and can’t resist, take the time to look around for the best deal, or have the willpower to wait for the sale. Check out your local freecycling Web community or Craigslist and see if you can get what you need for free.

Earning a Living Online – A New Home Study Course Reveals How

By Bill Schnarr

Earning a living online can lead to more than just a fat bank account and a new car. It can also lead to independence, freedom, and the chance to be closer to your family. To top it all off, earning a living online can result in residual income, otherwise known as streaming income, meaning you’ll be earning money even when you aren’t at your computer.

Affiliate marketing is one way that people are earning a living online, and it’s an industry that’s growing larger every day. And the beautiful thing about this form of advertising is that it’s simple to get started and easy to learn. And once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll be able to make.

Just what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the means by which larger companies get their names spread around on the internet. This type of advertising has been around for many years, and has evolved on the internet quite nicely beginning with the mother of all affiliate marketing companies – Amazon.com.

Many companies are willing to pay you a percentage of sales generated from customers that you are able to send to their site. That means your own websites become a doorway to these business sites where, after reading about great products or services, visitors on your site can click through to a business site where they can purchase those exact products or services.

By picking the right items to feature and discuss on your website, you can increase the chances that the people coming to your site to read your articles are going to be willing about purchasing online goods and services.

For example, let’s say you signed on for a company that sells satellite subscription services. They’ll pay you fifty dollars for every person who “clicks through” your websites to sign up for satellite service with them. Now, all you need to do is write up articles and design a creative website that will extol the virtues of satellite service and convince website browsers that the company that’s paying you is the company they want to use.

The internet has millions of users buying and selling over their computers, many of whom would be interested in this fictional satellite service. If you can get the numbers of visitors to your site high enough, chances are pretty good some of those people are going to like what you are saying enough to sign on board. And that’s money in your pocket.

If you get two hundred visitors a day, but only one in a hundred visitors actually wants to buy a satellite service, well, you would still be making about a hundred dollars a day. And that’s just with one site! You’ll move on to other sites, and each of those will generate a certain amount of money a week. The result can be streaming income that grows as your websites grow.

The money available simply by pumping people up with your articles and directing them to where they can purchase the goods and services they are interested in can grow to a staggering amount in just a short time. There are really no limits!

...And Now For the Fine Print

Affiliate marketing is an industry built over the web that allows people to earn a living online. Learning this industry is something that many people don’t think about before they jump in, and they are surprised when they fail at it. Imagine if you started a construction company building high-rises without knowing anything about how the process works. It wouldn’t be too long before your company was flopping on the ground like a fish out of water, right?

If you are going to be successful as an affiliate marketer and comfortably earn a living online, you’re going to need some training. It’s important to learn the basics and get a little experience before you jump in and start to make money.

James Martell’s downloadable home study course on affiliate marketing techniques is one place you could definitely get the help you need. Martell has become a successful businessman through his affiliate marketing techniques, and now he spends his time earning residual income from his business and teaching others about the affiliate marketing industry. His courses are easy to use, can be done in the comfort of your own home, and get you started on your own money making affiliate business while you are training.

Through the industry of affiliate marketing, many people are become proud dot-com business success stories. The money they make online allows them to work at home, set their own hours around the needs of their families and friends, and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work. Earning money online is a possibility for you. With the right training, you can make it happen.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italy Won the World Cup 2006

Italy are world champions for the fourth time after beating ten-man France 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in Berlin's Olympiastadion on Sunday, 9 July 2006.

Twelve years after losing to Brazil in the first shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup Final, Italy made up for that heartbreak as all five men in blue converted their kicks to claim world football's greatest prize for the first time since 1982. For France the pain of defeat was compounded by the sight of Zinedine Zidane, on his last appearance as a professional, leaving the field having been sent off in extra time for butting Marco Materazzi off the ball

It was Italy's first successful shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup after previous failures in 1990, 1994 and 1998 and ironically it was a miss from France’s David Trezeguet – whose golden goal had defeated the Azzurri in the final of UEFA EURO 2000 – that opened the door for Fabio Grosso to fire the winning spot-kick past Fabien Barthez and spark celebrations all the way from Bergamo to Bari.

If penalties can resemble a lottery there could have been no more deserving matchwinner than Grosso, such a positive influence for Italy throughout this tournament. He was one of several Italians prominent in a first period where the Italians played the more fluent football, although it was France who took an early lead. Eight years after scoring twice in the FIFA World Cup Final in Paris, Zidane opened the scoring with a seventh-minute penalty after Materazzi’s trip on Florent Malouda. By the 19th minute, Materazzi had made amends, however, the big defender heading the equaliser from Andrea Pirlo’s corner.

Although both sides threatened to score a second – notably Italy’s Luca Toni, who headed against Fabien Barthez’s crossbar before the break - neither managed to add a second. Extra time brought a scare for Italy when Buffon had to tip over Zidane's header but soon afterwards the France captain was making the sad walk to the dressing rooms.

The match:
6': This Final began with the most extraordinary of opening goals after Materazzi was adjudged to have illegally halted the progress of Malouda as he hurtled into the box. The resultant penalty saw two adidas Golden Ball candidates face off, and it was Zidane who prevailed, if only just, with an impudent chip that deceived Buffon, but rebounded off the underside of the bar and dropped down no more than a foot over the line. (0-1)

9': Materazzi, perhaps unsettled by his role in the French goal, came perilously close to doubling Les Bleus' advantage - and his own misery - when he glanced a Willy Sagnol cross into the side-netting with Buffon scrambling frantically across his line.

14': With Andrea Pirlo's set-pieces as dangerous as ever, Lilian Thuram showed admirable bravery to dive in and head one particular out-swinging free-kick behind for a corner, this from a position which could easily have seen the Juventus defender put through his own goal.

19':: Italy hauled themselves level thanks to a potent combination of Pirlo’s dead-ball mastery and the aerial ability of Materazzi, as the latter gained spectacular redemption for his earlier blunder by towering above the French defence to bullet the former’s corner past Barthez. (1-1)

35': Some neat, one-touch interplay by the Azzurri on the edge of the French box gave Toni his first scent of goal, but Thuram slid in decisively to make a last-ditch saving tackle. France's defence again struggled to deal with Italy’s height and power from the resultant corner, however, and Toni headed yet another pinpoint Pirlo cross against the crossbar.

France assume control:
47': Henry started the second half in threatening mood, breaking into the Italy box but failing to trouble Buffon with his shot.

49': As in the first period, however, Italy looked threatening from a corner as Totti swung in the ball towards the head of Cannavaro but his effort was blocked by a defender and France survived.

50': Henry showed remarkable balance to carry the ball past three defenders but he could not pick out a white shirt with his low ball across goal, Zambrotta clearing the danger.

58': Despite the loss of Patrick Vieira with an apparent hamstring injury, replaced by Alou Diarra, France continued to take the game to the Azzurri. Lippi responded by sending on Daniele De Rossi and Vincenzo Iaquinta in place of Francesco Totti and Simone Perrotta.

62': France breathed a sigh of relief when Toni headed a Pirlo free-kick past Barthez only for the linesman to raise his flag for offside. Moments later at the other end, Henry, under pressure from Cannavaro, found the space to get in a shot but Buffon made the save.

72': Toni turned on the edge of the box and forced Barthez into a low save but the Italian had controlled the ball with his arm before letting fly.

78': As the clock ticked down, the game became increasingly scrappy with neither side enjoying any sustained possession. Pirlo was not far off target with a 25-yard free-kick, curling the ball narrowly wide of Barthez’s right-hand post.

90': Come the closing moments of the match, and despite the introduction of Alessandro Del Piero, it was Italy on the back foot but for all their probing, France were unable to open up the Azzurri back line.

Extra time:
100': Ribery created and then spurned the first opportunity of the extra period. He played a wall pass with Malouda on the edge of the Italy box and continued his run into the area before poking the ball just wide of the far post.

104': France were dominating and Zidane was denied a second goal only by the excellence of Buffon. The No.10 slipped the ball out wide to Willy Sagnol and then met the ensuing cross with a firm header but Buffon tipped over.

111': Suddenly this Final took another twist as referee Horacio Elizondo brought play to a halt and went up to the other end of the field where, after consulting with his linesman, he sent off Zidane for an off-the-ball incident with Materazzi. A sad way for the France captain to end his glorious career.

Pirlo, Materazzi, De Rossi and Del Piero all converted their spot-kicks for the Azzurri but although Sylvain Wiltord, Eric Abidal and Sagnol found the net for France, Trezeguet’s miss from France's second penalty let in Grosso to win the Trophy for Lippi’s side.

In conclusion: Italy are deserved world champions after this narrowest of triumphs over France. In doing so, they buried the ghosts of USA 94 and climbed above Germany as the most successful European team in FIFA World Cup history with four wins. For France and Zidane there was no fairy-tale ending and instead they are left to reflect on a bitter ending to an unexpectedly long adventure.

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