Monday, July 10, 2006

Earning a Living Online – A New Home Study Course Reveals How

By Bill Schnarr

Earning a living online can lead to more than just a fat bank account and a new car. It can also lead to independence, freedom, and the chance to be closer to your family. To top it all off, earning a living online can result in residual income, otherwise known as streaming income, meaning you’ll be earning money even when you aren’t at your computer.

Affiliate marketing is one way that people are earning a living online, and it’s an industry that’s growing larger every day. And the beautiful thing about this form of advertising is that it’s simple to get started and easy to learn. And once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll be able to make.

Just what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the means by which larger companies get their names spread around on the internet. This type of advertising has been around for many years, and has evolved on the internet quite nicely beginning with the mother of all affiliate marketing companies –

Many companies are willing to pay you a percentage of sales generated from customers that you are able to send to their site. That means your own websites become a doorway to these business sites where, after reading about great products or services, visitors on your site can click through to a business site where they can purchase those exact products or services.

By picking the right items to feature and discuss on your website, you can increase the chances that the people coming to your site to read your articles are going to be willing about purchasing online goods and services.

For example, let’s say you signed on for a company that sells satellite subscription services. They’ll pay you fifty dollars for every person who “clicks through” your websites to sign up for satellite service with them. Now, all you need to do is write up articles and design a creative website that will extol the virtues of satellite service and convince website browsers that the company that’s paying you is the company they want to use.

The internet has millions of users buying and selling over their computers, many of whom would be interested in this fictional satellite service. If you can get the numbers of visitors to your site high enough, chances are pretty good some of those people are going to like what you are saying enough to sign on board. And that’s money in your pocket.

If you get two hundred visitors a day, but only one in a hundred visitors actually wants to buy a satellite service, well, you would still be making about a hundred dollars a day. And that’s just with one site! You’ll move on to other sites, and each of those will generate a certain amount of money a week. The result can be streaming income that grows as your websites grow.

The money available simply by pumping people up with your articles and directing them to where they can purchase the goods and services they are interested in can grow to a staggering amount in just a short time. There are really no limits!

...And Now For the Fine Print

Affiliate marketing is an industry built over the web that allows people to earn a living online. Learning this industry is something that many people don’t think about before they jump in, and they are surprised when they fail at it. Imagine if you started a construction company building high-rises without knowing anything about how the process works. It wouldn’t be too long before your company was flopping on the ground like a fish out of water, right?

If you are going to be successful as an affiliate marketer and comfortably earn a living online, you’re going to need some training. It’s important to learn the basics and get a little experience before you jump in and start to make money.

James Martell’s downloadable home study course on affiliate marketing techniques is one place you could definitely get the help you need. Martell has become a successful businessman through his affiliate marketing techniques, and now he spends his time earning residual income from his business and teaching others about the affiliate marketing industry. His courses are easy to use, can be done in the comfort of your own home, and get you started on your own money making affiliate business while you are training.

Through the industry of affiliate marketing, many people are become proud dot-com business success stories. The money they make online allows them to work at home, set their own hours around the needs of their families and friends, and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work. Earning money online is a possibility for you. With the right training, you can make it happen.

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