Sunday, November 19, 2006

Butterfingers - Faculties of Mind

Butterfingers - Faculties of Mind

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Faculties of the mind

it's gonna be a fifty-fifty treatment
you'd be in and never outdoor
you'd be king long lost forgotten

it's gonna take a while i once remembered
there were lies i used to tell her
hidden secrets make it rotten

on and on the days go on
and on and on for what i made wrong
fall this time the times are useless
have you been through wonderful minds ?

shout out loud the ants are coming
there's a thought that ever was
once again and not forever

all the things you do you would do know
all the things you said you would say now
all the dreams come true in the mainland
have you been through wonderful minds ?

This song make us feel came back to our school in Qber......really damn crazy about this song in our school...

p/s: Muyie said: lagu ni buat aku teringat zaman dekat smaaszalaa........really sweet memory.....i can't forget about it......." where all my fellows friends gone?"...ermm...

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